About Us

What we do:

Rancho Alegre Radio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas. We seek to document the history of Tejano and Conjunto music in the musician’s own words through exclusive in-depth, intimate recorded interviews, complemented by an exploration of the artist’s own catalog.

Other areas of our work include an online playlist, lyrics database, our searchable/browsable catalog, and contact information for a variety of different bands.

We also promote Conjunto and Tejano music with our yearly Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival and other live music events throughout the year.

In our hearts, we are music fans. We love to play music for people to enjoy. Whether it’s at an event or online, we are doing what makes us happy.

Here’s a little about each of us…

Frank, aka Baldomero “El Parrandero”

With over a decade of experience of dj-ing weddings, parties and quinceañeras, Frank’s knowledge of music is pretty impressive. While he loves all types of music and is a huge Springsteen fan, Frank’s passion is for conjunto and classic tejano, especially Mr. Si Señor, Ruben Naranjo.

Frank is the heart and soul of Rancho Alegre. Whether he is interviewing legendary conjunto and tejano artists like Ramon Ayala or Chano Cadena, or planning a festival, he is always thinking of bigger, better ways to preserve and promote the music he loves. He is a native of Austin, Texas.

Piper "La Guera"

While Frank has the vision, Piper has the tools to make it a reality. She does everything technical and creative at Rancho Alegre. It could be graphic design, a new service on the website, promotion and marketing, engineering sound from an interview, networking on Facebook and Conjunto Is Life, writing a blog or music review, or something completely new and fresh, she makes it all happen.

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Piper knew in high school that Austin was where she belonged and that she wanted to be involved with the local music scene here. Though her first love was blues, conjunto and tejano have taken over her soul in the past couple of years. So much in fact, she refers to herself as a born-again Tejana. She’s living her dream with Rancho Alegre, and loves to share her bad jokes and passion for music with anyone who will listen.


Piper and Frank are great together, but they couldn’t do any of this without Gaby. Not only does she keep them both sane and well-fed, but she takes great pictures at each show and every interview. She’s a roadie, a photographer, a production assistant, you name it and she’s always there.

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