Austin Tejano Music Coalition Meeting 4/19/11 – Canta Tejano Idol Contest

Tonight, I went to my first meeting of the Austin Tejano Music Coalition. During my illness, I would run into people claiming to be members, and when I would tell them my ideas, they were almost negative to what I had to offer. To be honest, I mistakenly prejudged the coalition by these people and now I’m even starting to doubt that they were ever members. Because the people we met tonight were good people, open to suggestions and willing to hear fresh ideas.

Rancho Alegre Reviews – Tejano Dawgs – Traffic Jam Mix Show – 4/6/11

Wednesday night, Rancho Alegre piled in the cruiser and headed down south to Applebees on William Cannon and I-35 for our first Traffic Jam Mix Show. We enjoyed a lovely sunset, a cool breeze, food and drink, and spent some quality time with the crew from Para La Gente 1560 AM and, most importantly, got to check out the Tejano Dawgs.

Since it was a school  night for us, we didn’t stay long enough to check out a special appearance by Ruben Ramos, but we’re sure it was fantastic. Gato always puts on a great show.

New Additions to Rancho Alegre Radio! Live tracks from Los Dos Gilbertos and Marcos Orozco, and a BUNCH of New Conjunto!

Come spend your Saturday with Rancho Alegre tonight! We’ve added nearly 50 great new tracks to Rancho Alegre Radio that are sure to be music to your ears and, along with the other 1000+ tracks, they will continue to keep you company long after the beer is gone…

Rancho Alegre Radio – New Music This Week!

Greetings Rancho Alegre fans!

Frank’s on the mend and we’ve added a few tracks this week! We’ve added more than a few live tracks that you won’t hear anywhere else from Ricky and Ruben Naranjo, Los Nobles and more. So let’s get to it!!I’ve shuffled all the other new releases around the playlist, so these new tracks are toward the top.

Rancho Alegre Spotlight: Tortilla Factory 1973 and 1974

We here at Rancho Alegre were saddened to hear of the passing of Tony “Ham” Guerrero, leader and founding member of the legendary Tortilla Factory. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Guerrero family, and we express our deepest condolences. Ham influenced countless musicians over the years, and he will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on.

Rancho Alegre News: Update on Frank’s Health and His Ponderings of Future Plans for Rancho Alegre

Hello, Piper here, giving this report. Frank has given me a lot of plans since he’s on bed rest, and honestly, I don’t want to forget what he said. So, humor us a little bit and let us know what you think about these plans.


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